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Architectural Concepts features the finest and most comprehensive line of architectural hardware available anywhere. We have relationships with the major suppliers to the industry and are able to source virtually any hardware specification you have.

Additionally, Architectural Concepts offers an exclusive line of our own hardware designs that provide that perfect punctuation for your door design. Finally, if you’re looking for something truly unique – that signature piece - contact one of our sales representatives and we’ll help make your design a reality.

View PDF of Architectural Concepts Lever Designs


AC580 Lever

AC580  Specs | DWG

AC320 Lever

AC320  Specs | DWG

AC180 Lever

AC180  Specs | DWG

AC460 Lever

AC460  Specs | DWG

AC530 Lever

AC530  Specs | DWG

AC190 Lever

AC190  Specs | DWG

AC110 Lever

AC110  Specs | DWG

AC280 Lever

AC280  Specs | DWG

 AC100 Lever

AC100  Specs | DWG
















AC200 Lever

AC200  Specs | DWG

AC940 Lever

AC940  Specs | DWG

AC220 Lever

AC220  Specs | DWG

AC850 Lever

AC850  Specs | DWG 

AC790 Lever

AC790  Specs | DWG 

AC890 Lever

AC890  Specs | DWG 

AC910 Lever

AC910  Specs | DWG 

AC920 Lever

AC920  Specs | DWG

AC930 Lever

AC930  Specs | DWG 

AC830 Lever

 AC830  Specs | DWG

AC900 Lever

 AC900  Specs | DWG




AC030 Lever

AC030  Specs | DWG

AC010 Lever

AC010  Specs | DWG

AC020 Lever

AC020  Specs | DWG

AC070 Lever

AC070  Specs | DWG

AC450 Lever

AC450  Specs | DWG




AC840 Lever

AC840  Specs | DWG

AC570 Lever

AC570  Specs | DWG

AC770 Lever

AC770  Specs | DWG

AC720 Lever

AC720  Specs | DWG

AC480 Lever

AC480  Specs | DWG

AC880 Lever

AC880  Specs | DWG

AC250 Lever

AC250  Specs | DWG

AC620 Lever

AC620  Specs | DWG

AC120 Lever

AC120  Specs | DWG




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