Nothing transforms and enlivens a space so quickly and successfully as decorative films. Film can be applied to virtually any surface and is not constrained by complicated curves or size restrictions.

Choose from over 700 3M DI-NOC Films that evoke the look of wood, metal, leather or vibrant color. From doors to walls to fixtures, these films are surprisingly efficient to install, clean, maintain, and reconfigure.

3M Fasara Films can mimic the pattern and texture of glass to create stunning facades in homes, offices and commercial environments. Combining the artistic look of glass with the flexibility of decorative film opens up your endless design choices. Our complete line of decorative film and energy efficient solar-controlled film options can be used in virtually limitless applications.

If you have a challenging design vision, let us see if decorative film is a dramatic and economical way to achieve it. Architectural Concepts is a premiere certified distributor and endorsed installer for 3M Decorative Film products. 

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fasara films

3M Fasara Decorative Films:

  • Blueprint Take-Offs & Estimates
  • Custom Design Services & Solutions
  • Hotel Brands & Standards
  • Learn More about Fasara Films



di-noc films

3M DI-NOC Surfaces:

  • Over 500 surfaces resembling natural to faux
  • Wood grains, abstracts, metallics, white board & more
  • Easily applies to curves and other complicated surfaces
  • Tough, long-lasting natural look for less
  • Learn More about DI-NOC Films
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di-noc films

Gecko by 3-Form for Glass:

  • Adhesive tiles transform existing glazing
  • Select from textile & design patterns
  • Add custom high-resolution imagery
  • Works with any flat,non-wired glass surface
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