• Blueprint Take-Offs and Estimates

Architectural Concepts can provide estimates, quotations, and take-offs for any project, big or small. Our knowledgeable time can work with you to find the right products to help make your project a success. If you have a complete set of blueprints and specifications to scale we can develop a complete take-off list with the necessary materials for a successful installation of our products. Our detailed blueprint take-offs will save you time and money by controlling your costs right from the beginning.


  • Custom Design Services and Solutions

Custom Design Services and Solutions for owners, architects and general contractors, without losing design intent or functionality while maintaining budget. Our services include custom millwork projects ranging in size from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We provide contractors, builders, architects, interior designers, restoration experts, and home owners with wood doors, front entries, french doors, cabinets, wall panels, and more... The professionals at Architectural Concepts have the ability to take a project from its initial budgeting stage to delivery of our finished product with an emphasis on cost efficiency and quality standards.


  • Do It Yourself Instructions

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are a great way to accomplish necessary home repairs and improvements and save money in the process. The cost of labor is usually more than half the expense of a typical improvement or repair project; by eliminating the need for a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or handyman, you can save big-time. And you get to enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

You say you're not sure you are a DIY kind of person? Armed with a few tools, some expert guidance, and a willingness to roll-up your sleeves, you might be amazed at some of the home projects you can handle. In fact, most DIY projects are like cooking. You just have to have some basic equipment and a recipe for success.

In addition to saving money, a benefit of doing your own jobs such as window installation, replacing a door, installing a countertop, or laying a floor is that you don't have to find and vet a trustworthy contractor and deal with the delays and frustrations of scheduling his or her work in your home.

At Architectural Concepts, we can provide DIY instructions for your project. In our many articles on installing, repairing, maintaining, and DIY tips, you will find expert, step-by-step instructions that we have developed.


  • Field Measuring and Surveying

Architectural Concepts offers on-site field measuring and surveying services of current condition, from complex commercial buildings to residential structures to ensure a quality product installation. With experience in multiple types of facilities, our primary goal is to make sure the project meets the needs of clients and stays within budget and ensuring the solution functions for the end user and how well it compliments the surrounding environment.


  • Hotel Brands and Standards

We work with hotel owners, hotel operators and developers and investors in providing consultancy services to help in understanding and complying with local standards and brand compliance.


  • In-House CAD Drawings

Our in-house CAD drawing services help draw, convert, migrate or standardize plan drawings. CAD services are available for indidivual projects or on-going for multiple projects.

We can draw your specified doors, entrances and shower enclosures to insure it fits your architectural needs.


  • National Building Standards

If you're starting in on a new project and need help in navigating the many standards (NFPA 80, NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, IBC 2006, ADA and others), contact us for assistance. We have expertise in building materials, conventional or engineered, our knowledge of engineering and building applications, and our multi-disciplinary approach, we can help you deal with specific issues in connection with product performance, applications and uses. When selecting product, we can provide technical information on specifications, applicable standards and testing procedures involved in utilizing innovative wood products and building systems.


  • Quick-Ship Services

When you’ve identified product and applications with a 24- to 48-hour recovery time objective, Architectural Concept’s QuickShip service is the answer. It’s a reliable way to support last-minute changes and is available for most products.


  • Specifications

Architectural Concepts recognizes you want to be confident about the choices you make in the selection and application of the doors and hardware in your commercial building designs. To meet your expectations, Architectural Concepts has staff ready to help you streamline and improve the quality of your construction projects. Let our qualified Architectural Hardware Consultants properly prepare your specification. It is all about getting the job done right the first time!

Architectural hardware on a commercial project is a small percentage of the overall project cost, roughly 2%. However the architectural hardware can create headaches if not properly specified. Architectural Concepts can help you alleviate those headaches and keep your projects on schedule.

architects with prints

Architectural Concepts can provide detailed drawings for your project.
For quick reference on our standard product offerings, refer to our Product Data Sheets.

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